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Woman’s Leather Armour - Blue Jay by Savage Punk Studio.


Woman’s Leather Armour - Blue Jay by Savage Punk Studio.

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Im the same with the wallpapers!! I always change it to fanart or photography of stuff that gets me to draw, i need anything to motivate me

YEAH i used to always be like “OOH A NEW PRETTY” and immediately switch it out and i’m not sure if i’ve gotten more picky/better taste or if i’m just… lazier?? lmfao. but yeah i love seeing it all the time and being like “YES THIS IS WHAT I ASPIRE TO”

I done got tagged

ok blueminuet tagged me and i haven’t done the thing yet so i’ll do the thing!!! 5 random things about me and then tagging people. ok here goes:

  1. i really really want a tattoo, but idk if i’ll ever settle on a design, so it may very well not happen. it’s something that i’ll be suuuuper picky about and will take forever to decide. if i ever DO decide i’ll get it done in .5 seconds and never look back, but it’s getting there that’s the problem….
  2. similarly, it took me like 3 years to decide i actually wanted a piercing in my upper ear. i’m sTILL excited about it and i’ve  had it for almost a year now, i’m so glad i did it. time to find (design?? make???) fun earrings for it!!!
  3. my parents had breakfast in a lighthouse today. they had the whole thing to themselves, it sounds like it was rly cool (it was their anniversary… i wanna say 47th or 48th or something, dad was really excited about it hehe)
  4. i knocked the mirror loose from my car a few weeks ago and it’s still taped up and it makes me sad :( apparently they haven’t gotten the stupid part in yet. how long does that even take? every time i see the thing i just groan and remember how dumb i am and how i need to not get impatient or stupid shit like this happens (even though i blame the dumb lady that couldn’t wait 5 seconds for me to go first. BLUH thanks, asshole)
  5. i used to constantly change my desktop wallpaper and my phone background and shit like that aaaaall the time, i was always cycling through and finding new ones and wanting something different, but i realized recently that i haven’t changed any of em in months and i’m still happy with the ones i’ve got. not sure what that says, or when i’ll find something that i like enough to replace them with, but it’s interesting to think about.

ok!! now to tag people, do it if you wanna, skip it if you don’t or if you’ve done it already!! secretagentboy introsquirrel astropunch autumnbois wardengrey luckydicekirby and that’s all i’m taggin but go ahead if you feel inclined even if i didn’t tag you!!


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the XD emoticon is now cool to use again. please use it. please reblog this so others can hear the good news 

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"I’m weak, but for some reason, Fakir always makes me stronger.” 

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Lisa Keene’s concept art for Enchanted (2007). Via.

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~~ I’m hooked on a feeling ~~


~~ I’m hooked on a feeling ~~

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